Welcome to rightclikit Networking solution center
Are you pulling your hair out? Frustrated beyond belief with the amount of down time you are experiencing….? Don’t be. As you have your areas of specialty, you have us. We take the pain out of IT maintenance and support in your organization allowing you to focus on what’s important to you.

At Rightclickit we aim to provide all levels of support that exceeds your expectations and ours. Our goal to you is to provide the right proactive support and rapid response so that you don’t get to the point of frustration.

What are our rates?

These days it’s hard to find good IT service providers who charge under $100 per hour, but we do, without compromising quality and professionalism. We maintain a simple rate policy; casual rates for clients who require support on an as needs basis, and a discounted rate for those clients who prefer regular maintenance on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

What support can we provide for your business?

It doesn’t matter to us if your organization is small or large, our engineers are certified, professional, dynamic and ready for any challenge. We deliver support to your organization in the most efficient way possible, whether it be onsite, phone or remote. We consider ourselves experts in providing:

Hardware Support

* Desktops
* Notebooks
* PDAs, Smart Phones & iPhones
* Networks Wired & Wireless
* Routers
* Network Switches
* Printers & Photocopiers

Software Support

* Microsoft Windows Server Technologies
* Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Vista and Windows 7
* Microsoft Office
* Microsoft Exchange
* Microsoft SQL Server
* Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
* MYOB & Quickbooks
* Novell Netware
* Novell Zenworks for Desktops
* Novell Groupwise
* Linux
* Mac OS X
* Trend Micro Worry Free Business Suite

If you need help in your organization contact us today.
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